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Virtual interpreting is a video telecommunication service that is used to transfer information from one person to the other, in a conference or presentation. During this service, the speaker will give a speech, then the interpreter will translate the spoken words into a language that the audience is familiar with and understands. Virtual interpreting services, requires the use of videophones and web cameras. Covid-19 impacted everyone somewhere somehow, be it with clients, family, friends, work, or at home, thus resulted in the more of the use of technology platforms than meeting up face to face for most of the things that required closed in discussions. Johannesburg virtual interpreting services, brings all the virtual interpreting services to you.



Medical health and educational interpreting services

Medical health virtual interpreting services

Virtual medical health care interpreting services, allows medical professionals, caregivers, and patients to call on specialists. Allowing interpreters to join virtual consultations, opens the door of virtual healthcare for numerous individuals, namely family members that speak a different language from the common language that most people interact with, travelers and other people whom language barrier is a stumbling block to their way to getting health care. Enabling doctors, to gather family members, specialists and interpreters increases a more personalized health care.

Language barrier causes complications in the medical health field, and it could potentially lead to frustrations and confusion for both the patients and medical health practitioners, but with virtual medical health interpretation services, language barrier is a thing of the past. As the Johannesburg virtual interpreting services, we are committed to ensuring that language is not a barrier to receiving access to health care.  In that spirit, we are more than happy to provide medical health virtual interpretation to various medical facilities in our region.



Educational virtual interpreting services

The Covid-19 pandemic made drastic changes to academic teaching methods as well. Educational interpreters play a significant role in making sure that educational information is well transferred all over the world without language barrier being a stumbling block in between. Therefore, Johannesburg virtual interpreting services is the right educational virtual interpretation service that will be of great help in making sure that educational institutions have access to virtual classrooms with the relevant interpreters in place. As the Johannesburg virtual interpreting services, we select our interpreters considering the experience and expertise they have with regards to the field that they will be working under. We also see to it that they have a great set up, in order to ensure that our clients receive high quality video experience.

One thing that we are proud of as the Johannesburg virtual interpreting services, is the concern we have for deaf blind, deaf and people who have a hearing problem. As the Johannesburg virtual interpreting service, we have come to understand that educational institutions use different methods to try and simplify remote learning and making certain that it works. With educational institutions commonly using video based virtual classrooms, we have made it certain that we can connect to almost every video conferencing platform our clients use, namely Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting and others. The above mentioned platforms will give the students an experience that is almost the same of that of a face to face interpretation, in a video format.

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Johannesburg virtual interpreting services specialties

To sum it all up, as the Johannesburg virtual interpreting services, we have offering high quality medical health and educational virtual interpretation services for years on end. Medical practitioner and educators are keeping up with the times and adjusting well to the new ways of making their jobs much easier via outsourcing virtual interpreting services. Johannesburg virtual interpreting services, has been conducting high quality virtual interpretation services to both institution and individual, with good customer rating to attest to that. Virtual interpreting service has become more popular method for medical practitioners to have better communicate with foreign patients and educators to communicate better with the students (even foreign and deaf students) of late. Precision, diligence and accuracy are our strong points and they have managed to keep us in business to date.

Contact isiZulu Language Translation Services today at +27(0)12-348-3134or email us at for more information on the medical health and educational virtual interpreting services that we provide for medical Institutions, patients, educators and students of various educational institutions. Nothing excites us more than working closely with disability and foreign departments in ensuring that we provide the best services that our clients deserve.


Johannesburg virtual interpreting services
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