Transcription is the conversion of audio or video recordings into text. With 9 provinces, 11 official languages, and a wide range of cultures, South Africa is a multicultural nation. The constitution encourages everyone to feel free to communicate in their language of choice. Out of the 11 languages, isiZulu is the language that is spoken frequently by South African citizens. The majority of South Africans are bilingual, if not multilingual, due to the widespread usage of English as an urban language of public life in the media, business, and government.  Because we are a nation that speaks different languages, transcription services for South African languages will be required in every industry.


The Importance of Transcription Services

The importance of transcription services shows the need for transcription services in South Africa. Transcription is demanded in many industries and organisation spaces. It is a good service to the Deaf community as it is an inclusive action to accommodate them. The South African National Deaf Association are always dedicated to providing quality services, ensuring public accessibility and increasing awareness of issues impacting deaf people in South Africa. Transcription improves audience comprehension and boosts SEO if podcasts and online videos that are transcribed will increase their discoverability. The legal sector also places a high value on transcription. Transcription is necessary for court proceedings and lawyers who usually dictate their thoughts and require transcription. In the corporate world, they also hold weight because they maintain an environment of accountability with clients and employees. Transcription also saves businesses a lot of time. Corporate field transcription services serve for smooth running. As a result, transcription services are essential to every industry and encourage inclusivity.


Multilingual Translation

South Africa is a rainbow nation of many different cultures and languages, and subsequently, multilingual transcription is in demand for our nation’s working culture. What is multilingual translation? It is a combination of audio transcription and translation. This is where audio is in one language and requires to be written down in another language. Multilingual transcriptions assist corporate environments where staff speak different languages by providing audio of their meetings to be recorded into a common language that everyone understands, like isiZulu or English. On an online platform, professionally transcribed documents are easy to read, search, share, and can be indexed by search engines. Because streaming services are realising there is a demand for entertainment in local languages, multilingual transcription is used by producers of film and television. E-learning courses, virtual conferences, webinars, Google Meet or Zoom business meetings, professional training sessions and workplace induction usually demand transcription services.


Transcriptions in Different Sectors

All sectors you can think of use transcription services. Stats SA recorded in 2019 that just over one-quarter of individuals speak isiZulu at home, while 14.8% of individuals speak isiXhosa, and 12.2% speak Afrikaans. In the legal field, transcription of law enforcement interviews may require conversion into a common South African language. Educational sectors thrive on information shared amongst students and lecturers. Where, research leads them to often come across audio of lecturers from universities abroad, and if they are in a different language they will be required to be transcribed in a South African language for comprehension. It further helps doctors evaluate the present physical condition of patients, sketch a suitable treatment plan and take quick follow-up measures. The mining and agricultural sector has employees that come from different parts of South Africa and usually make use of multilingual transcriptions to have transcriptions in a common language. Film and television shows incorporate vernacular in their scripts which have subtitles to make sure the whole of South Africa understands that is why transcription services are needed in South Africa. This proves that transcription services serve a great purpose in a majority of industries in South Africa.


Choosing the Right Transcription Company

Choosing the right transcription company will guarantee accurate transcriptions. Transcribers are professional typists with a good ear, skills of speed and precision and an eye for grammar errors. Confidentiality is crucial when dealing with legal matters and corporate labour disputes as a transcriber. Accordingly, a transcriber must fully comprehend the significance of maintaining confidentiality concerning the sensitive information they transcribe. Selecting a reputable transcription service in South Africa can help you save time in compiling the necessary data for research, analysis, and other objectives on your behalf. The transcribers under the language service provider company exhibit professionalism by maintaining confidentiality and producing high-quality work. The accuracy and cost of a transcribing service are considered while evaluating its quality. Although there are many providers, not all of them are comparable.

As a result of the widespread use of English as an urban language of public life in the media, commerce, and government, and the fact that the majority of South Africans speak isiZulu, the majority of South Africans are bilingual, if not multilingual. There will be a need for transcribing services for South African languages in every industry because we are a multilingual nation. Which demonstrates how crucially important transcription services are to the vast majority of South African enterprises. You can save time by choosing dependable transcription services for South African languages to gather the information required for research, analysis, and other goals on your behalf. The language service provider company’s transcribers demonstrate professionalism by upholding confidentiality and providing accurate transcriptions.

About Zulu Translation Transcription Services

Zulu Translation is a multilingual translation agency with a track record of high-quality transcriptions. For over 11 years, our transcription services have helped corporate clients in South Africa. Zulu Translation is a reputable language service provider to deliver transcription services for South African languages to you right on time. For further information about certified transcription services, please contact us at 012 348 3134 or e-mail us at and we’ll be more than happy to talk with you or answer any questions you may have.

Transcription Services for South African Languages
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Transcription Services for South African Languages
Out of the 11 languages, isiZulu is the language that is spoken frequently by South African citizens. The majority of South Africans are bilingual, if not multilingual. Because we are a nation that speaks different languages this article will show the importance of transcription services for South African languages in most industries.
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