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The isiZulu basic sentences translation are of vital use in South Africa. The irresistibly dominating language is spoken by most of the countries that are based in the Southern hemisphere of the African continent. isiZulu language originates in South Africa , specifically in the east coast of the country. The language is widely spoken in almost every province of the country. It is also considered the most spoken language in the country is spoken in almost every part. The language is spoken as a home language by 24% of the South African population and it is understood by over 50%.

Deep isiZulu vs urban isiZulu basic sentences translation.

isiZulu language differs,  there is deep Zulu and urban Zulu. Deep Zulu, which is also known as the standard Zulu, is the one that is taught at school. Then Urban Zulu, is the one that is spoken by people who live in the cities and township, one can say that it is diluted. On the other hand, deep Zulu is pure Zulu, the authentic one and it uses pure Zulu words. It forces people who are not familiar with the language to seek isiZulu basics sentences translation. Whereas urban Zulu on the other hand, is mixed and it uses borrowed words, who mostly originate from the English language.

With the younger generation being exposed to urban and township areas, the deep Zulu seem to be difficult for them to understand. Instead they understand the urban Zulu better. They then find themselves in need of isiZulu basics sentences translation, like people who are not familiar with the language. Urban isiZulu and deep isiZulu differ in various ways. Individuals who want to learn the isiZulu basics sentences translation, will find the following table useful.

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Basic sentences translation from English to isiZulu

English isiZulu
Good morning Sawubona (to an individual)

Sanibona (to two or more people)

Good evening Sawubona (to an individual)

Sanibona (to two or more people)

How are you? Unjani? (to an individual)

Ninjani? (to two or more people)

I’m fine, thanks! Nigiyaphila, ngiyabonga!
And you? Wena unjani?
I am good Ngisaphila
Thank you Ngiyabonga
You are welcome Kulungile
What’s your name? Ngubani igama lakho?
My name is… Igama lami ngu…
Pleased to meet you Ngiyajabula ukukwazi
Goodnight Lala kahle (to an individual)

Lalani kahle ( to two or more people)

Goodbye Hamba kahle (people leaving)

Hambani kahle (people leaving)

Sala kahle (people staying)

Salani kahle (people staying)


Have a nice day! Ube nosuku oluhle (an individual)

Nibe nosuku oluhle (two or more people)

Do you speak English? Ukhuluma isiNgisi na?
Do you speak isiZulu? Ukhuluma isiZulu na?
No Cha
Yes Yebo
Please Ngiyacela
How much is this? Kubiza malini?
Sorry Ngiyaxolisa
Excuse me Uxolo
I don’t know Angazi
Monday uMsombuluko
Tuesday uLwesibili
Wednesday uLwesithathu
Thursday uLwesine
Friday uLwesihlanu
Saturday uMgqibelo
Sunday uSonto
Go straight Qonda ngqo
Right Ngakwesokudla
Then turn left Khona kanjalo jikela ngakwesobunxele
Teacher Umfundisi


In sum, despite the fact that tone is one of the distinctive features of isiZulu language, the language is conventionally written without any sort of indication of the tone. The evidence of this is found in some of the isiZulu basic sentences translation. Take for instance the words “umfundisi”, which means both teacher and pastor, the words are pronounced in different tone. Although at times they may be mistaken for meaning the same thing. The Zulu language, is also called isiZulu, where ‘isi’ is the noun class that is associated with the language. The characteristics of ‘isi’ can be compared to the feminine nature in romance language. The urban based people do not understand the above information, hence they are in need of isiZulu basic sentences translation.

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Basic sentences translation in isiZulu
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